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Our company Doratrans will make a canalize for the companies loosing time , capital and business,that do not know how can it take asisstance and do not know what will do with existing staff inexperience and insufficient with the exception of only a few well powered trade companies have own logistics services.

As Doratrans, we are taking road aiming to establish reliable and well-reputed logistics company which customers will take service much better, more efficient and facing less cost with the point of view many of companies may close their logistics departments and sourcing logistics companies which is more efficient for their shipment all over the world.

Accordingly, a reliable outsource company in other words '4.PL (4.Party Logistics) Company' will be formed that customers will delegate all processes without considering anything in both domestic and international logistics business.

• 4.PL Company
• 1.Party : Manufacturer, producer, consignor, wholesaler.
• 2.Party : Customer, consignee,supplier
• 3.Party : The companies that access to the flow of goods and services between
1. and 2. parties.(Transporter,warehouseman,tallyman,invigilator, agency

• 4.Party company :
It is a structure that provides extensive solutions in supply chain to coordinate
3.party companies through providing sourcing in cost, saving time and personnel
for 1. and 2. parties. This structure undertakes all the logistics processes of design and management.

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