Company Profile

DORATRANS  began its operations in its headquarter in Istanbul in 2012, that considers its customers and employees as a part of our family, with the both already gained management understanding and with the company culture was gained while working professionally in high-profile companies.

Doratrans continue its operations mainly for the regions such as Far East, Europe, Middle East, Africa and U.S.A. .Our company's aim is to continue to grow in Turkish container and Logistics sector that expected to sustain its strong growth model in coming years.

Doratrans, in addition to dinamic and experienced employees, is decisive of servicing in best quality to our customers with the competitve pricing, optimum transit time and quality service through renewing our service fields.

Doratrans guarantees wide range solutions and the most economical price choices with the support of global network business partners besides seaway transportation, in road and railway transaportation as well.

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